A PHP Library for CRUD Operations with REST API

Perform basic CRUD operations effortlessly without the need to write custom PHP code. The scripts are designed to be dynamic, allowing users to interact with the API simply by understanding the provided documentation and making HTTP requests.


Imdadullah Babu

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This documentation provides an overview of a set of PHP scripts designed for basic CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and file uploads. The scripts are intended to be used as an API for managing data in a relational database.

This project provides a set of PHP scripts designed to serve as a simple API for performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on a relational database. Additionally, it includes a script for handling file uploads. The scripts are intended to offer a flexible and extensible solution for managing data interactions with a backend server.

Key Features

  1. Connection Configuration: Before using the scripts, ensure that the database connection is properly configured. The connection details can be found in the configuration/connection.php file. Modify the file to set your database host, username, password, and database name.
  2. Read Data: The read.php script allows users to retrieve data from the database based on specified criteria. It supports various filtering options, enabling users to fetch specific records or entire datasets with ease.
  3. Update Data: With the update.php script, users can modify existing records in the database. This script supports partial updates, allowing for the modification of specific fields, and includes safeguards to prevent unintended data corruption.
  4. Delete Data: The delete.php script provides a secure method for removing records from the database. Ensure that you have proper checked the parameters to delete any data
  5. File Upload: The file upload script file-upload.php supports the secure and efficient uploading of files to the server. It includes configurable file type restrictions and ensures that uploaded files are stored safely, preventing potential security vulnerabilities.
  6. Customization and Security: The entire set of scripts is designed with customization in mind, allowing developers to adapt the API to their specific needs. Additionally, security measures such as input validation, parameterized queries, and authentication checks are implemented to protect against common security threats like SQL injection and unauthorized access.

Documentation for Usage and Examples

Read the instructions and example API's to understand the use case

Github Repository



This project was developed by Imdadullah Babu, The scripts aim to provide a foundation for PHP developers to integrate basic database operations and file uploads into their projects without writing repeatable codes.


This project is open-source, and we welcome contributions from developers worldwide. Whether you're interested in adding new features, improving documentation, fixing bugs, or suggesting enhancements, your contributions are valuable.

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Together, we can make this project even more versatile and beneficial for the developer community. Your contributions, big or small, are highly appreciated.

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