DSS (Daipam Smart Society) is a Banking NGO Website with application, Where Agents can take Collection and Loan Recovery from the customers in daily basis, Admin can track all the activities from the Admin Panel.

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Authentication: Implement a role-based authentication system that allows agents and administrators to log in with their respective credentials.

Customer Management: Enable agents and administrators to add, update, and manage customer information efficiently.

Agent Management: Facilitate the creation of agent accounts by administrators, providing a seamless onboarding process.

Notes Management: Empower administrators to upload handwritten notes for reference and record-keeping purposes.

Collection Management: Streamline the collection process by allowing both agents and administrators to collect payments from customers and record transactions in the system.

Loan Management: Enable agents to request loans, with administrators responsible for verifying details and managing the loan approval process.

Recovery Management: Facilitate the collection of recovery amounts from customers with active loans, allowing both agents and administrators to efficiently manage the process.

Transaction Report: Provide agents and administrators with access to comprehensive transaction reports, offering insights into customer financial activities.

Agent Report: Enable administrators to generate in-depth reports on agent performance, including daily, weekly, monthly, and total collections.

Agent Commission: Empower both administrators and agents to track and view agent commissions based on their collection performance.

Technology Used

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, jQuery

Backend: PHP

Database: MySQL

Project Link

This project is confidential, and we are unable to share the link openly. However, if you request it, we can provide you with the demo link. Please click here to request the demo.


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